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Flawless Angel

accessories, acting, actors, angst, aqua teen hunger force, ashlee simpson, azkaban, being better than you, being loved, being me, being nerdy, being pretty, being sexy, being spoiled, big brother, books, boys, boys kissing, boys touching, brandon flowers, brits, burberry, buying stuff, california, candles, celebrities, cell phones, charm bracelets, charms, chocolate, christian dior, clothes, cocaine, conan o'brien, couture, credit, cursing, daniel radcliffe, david beckham, david thewlis, david wenham, degrassi, designer clothes, dior, dolce & gabbana, dominic monaghan, dooney & bourke, draco dormiens nunquam titillandus, draco malfoy, elijah wood, eluxury, england, europe, eyeliner, fame, fashion, fashion week, films, gryffindor, gwen stefani, handbags, harajuku, harry potter, harry potter slash, harry/cedric, harry/remus, haute couture, hogwarts, icons, james franco, japanese street fashion, jason mraz, jewlery, juicy, juicy couture, kawaii, kisses, l.a.m.b., lindsay lohan, lost, lotr, lotr rps, lotrips, love angel music baby, lyrics, matthew fox, mean girls, mini ipod, money, moony, movies, music, music videos, new york, new york city, nicky hilton, order of the phoenix, padfoot, paris hilton, photos, pictures, pigwidgeon, pink, poetry, potterpuffs, pretty boys in eyeliner, prisoner of azkaban, prongs, quidditch, reading, remus, remus lupin, remus/harry, remus/sirius, return of the king, rimmel, romance, ryan phillipe, sailor moon, sawyer, scarlet and gold, sean bean, shoes, shopping, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, sleeping, slytherin, spending money, the chamber of secrets, the goblet of fire, the killers, the marauders, tiffany & co, tom felton, tom riddle, tonks, vh1, vh1's best week ever, vodka and red bull, vogue magazine, werewolves, witchcraft and wizardry, writing, ,